Welcome to my web space! I'm a software developer, handy man, geek, husband & father. Here you can read my posts on stuff that I find interesting.

My Blog Posts

Updated 6 months ago.

Read my rants and raves... I've finally made the move to get rid of Wordpress and instead I'm using my own CMS system that I've written ground up...

My Work Portfolio

Updated 7 months ago.

Here are some of my latest development projects, past and present jobs. Some projects are completely finished and some are still under construction.

My Tools & Calculators

Updated 7 months ago.

Here are some software development tools, generators & calculators that I wrote and use. Oh, and don't forget to bookmark and share it!

My Photos

Updated 6 months ago.

Browse the photos that I take while I visit new places and discover new areas that I find intriguing. See my world...

About Me

Updated 4 months ago.

I'm a front-end developer for Bidtellect Inc.

Contact Me

Updated 7 months ago.

Just say hello via email. Or you can give me a call at +1 (850) 320-8588. Please do not spam or try to get me to buy stuff.

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