Best Affiliates Review

Affiliate programs are ways for web publishers to make money by leading people to other companies products and/or services through search engine marketing and traffic conversion. Typically you don’t have to sell anything. Instead these programs are made for you to link to their web site. Your web site visitors would then sign up for their services or buy their goods. In return, you get some kind of monetary compensation. Find out which solution performs the most income.

The Best Affiliates Network

Usually the better affiliates will provide you with a referral fee or a percentage of the transaction, or even a payment for every user sent (CPM) or that had clicked on an advertisement (PPC). Below is a table of the most common and best affiliation networks online. I recommend trying every program below.

Category Affiliate Description
Advertising Google Adsense Google automatically displays contextual ads on your site.
Review ReviewMe Get paid to blog reviews of products and services.
Advertising Text Link Ads Links are sold in an area of your site.
Advertising AdBrite Ad banners, links, etc for your site.
Advertising BritePic Integrate ads into your pictures.
Commission AuctionAds Sell items from ebay.
Commission Amazon Sell items from Amazon.
Commission BidVertiser Show ads on your site based on direct bids.

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  1. webdev

    I like using Adsense and would recommend trying it out. Depending on the niche, you can generate a lot of revenue especially if your website gets a lot of traffic.

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