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It has been quite a few years since I was making some extra cash from displaying advertisements on my websites.  My first few websites that had introduced me to making some solid cash online were, and  These websites were related to the whole MySpace niche and helped generate over 160 dollars per week in advertisements alone. was my best traffic generating website that had earned over 20,000 impressions per day which was equivalent to 20 – 30 dollars per day.  The money was awesome especially being a poor college student having to pay for education out of pocket.  I remember not having enough money to buy a math book and I received an adsense direct deposit one day that made it possible to purchase the book I needed for class (thank you Google!).  I reminiscence the good old days and wished I had the web development knowledge I possess now back then.

Changes I Have Noticed Over the Years

Adsense payouts and CPM earnings have decreased dramatically.  It has become almost impossible right now to make a solid earning from this advertisement network just because the depreciated value of CPM and CPC.  I remember earning over $3.50 cents from a single click 3 years ago and now I would be lucky to earn only a few cents.  I keep telling myself that it is the economy that had depreciated the value however understanding there are over millions of websites now than there had been 3 years ago could make a huge impact on the pay outs meaning there are more web spaces that are marketing versus websites that are paying for marketing.  I remember having CPX Interactive as an advertisement network and they only excepted websites that had a lot of unique visitors.  I had earned over 50 dollars from CPM in a single week from this publishing network.  It’s amazing how only a few years can have a great impact on the value of advertisements.

My Battle Getting Back In

I’ve always dreamed about being my own boss, working from home (in my pajamas :) ) and having a website that could help me retire early.  It’s motivation that keeps my spirits up and force me to keep up the hard work.  I don’t mind working extra hard hours each day since it keeps me up to date with the latest web technologies.  I love learning about web development.  It is my pride therefore I will use it to my advantage in creating my new successful ventures.  I have promised myself to stop worrying about the potential monetary earnings from displaying ads, rather focus on creating some usable applications that are more powerful and have an impact on certain niches.  I have also decided to work on smaller niches rather than the “go big or go home” attitude that will simply be overwhelming and too much work to keep up with.  I’m a married man now and do not have the time that I use to in creating sites that only generate over 160 dollars per week.  I’d rather create an application that becomes viral in hopes to generate over thousands per week.

My business plan is to create small niche websites such as CRM (customer relationship management systems) that actually have a recurring payments system rather than hoping for visitors to click on google links.  My most successful website that had the highest income rate was where I had sold an actual service through a paypal checkout which in return had earned over 50 dollars per week as a steady income.  Through trial and error, I have experienced that selling a service will be more rewarding in the long haul.

My Plans for a Successful Website Business Model

I have learned that websites that auto generate unique content such as community sites like a forum or blog can generate the most income.  Elegant web applications that incorporate a recurring service fee can also be very successful. I have plans to create some new web application that hopefully become viral and an overall success.  It’s a risk that every entrepreneur makes, investing time and energy in “chasing the dollar”.  I have also planned to work even harder and crank out some awesome code to finally find homes on the web for all my domains I have lingering in my godaddy domain manager (and there are over 21 domains).  If I create some usable small niche websites that can generate over 5,000 unique visitors each, that is as good as having one website that generates over 100,000 unique visitors per day.

Working with My Wife to Create a Family Business

My wife hates the fact that I am so motivated and the fact that I’m constantly in front my monitors each day.  I seriously work well over 12 hours per day (yes per day) combining my full time job at and my personal projects.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife to no end and always find time to spend with her.  With all that said, we have decided to create a website business together in a niche she knows extremely well.  With her efforts in helping to create and maintain a new usable web application online, we can earn extra income from that niche even if it generates only 5 – 10 thousand dollars annually.  That is 5 – 10 thousand dollars extra we could be earning each year.

My Conclusion

Website businesses are great entities used to bring in extra income (even if it’s an additional several thousand dollars) especially since the only investment would be time rather than shelling over hundred thousands of dollars to start up a franchise.  It is definitely the true limited liability way to start any business.  Also, being a professional web applications developer makes it much easier to work with :) (you don’t have to pay someone to create your online software)… Any business man will tell you to use the resources you have and with that said, I am motivated in creating my new ventures!  Wish me luck!

Best Affiliates Review

Affiliate programs are ways for web publishers to make money by leading people to other companies products and/or services through search engine marketing and traffic conversion. Typically you don’t have to sell anything. Instead these programs are made for you to link to their web site. Your web site visitors would then sign up for their services or buy their goods. In return, you get some kind of monetary compensation. Find out which solution performs the most income.

The Best Affiliates Network

Usually the better affiliates will provide you with a referral fee or a percentage of the transaction, or even a payment for every user sent (CPM) or that had clicked on an advertisement (PPC). Below is a table of the most common and best affiliation networks online. I recommend trying every program below.

Category Affiliate Description
Advertising Google Adsense Google automatically displays contextual ads on your site.
Review ReviewMe Get paid to blog reviews of products and services.
Advertising Text Link Ads Links are sold in an area of your site.
Advertising AdBrite Ad banners, links, etc for your site.
Advertising BritePic Integrate ads into your pictures.
Commission AuctionAds Sell items from ebay.
Commission Amazon Sell items from Amazon.
Commission BidVertiser Show ads on your site based on direct bids.
Make Money with AdBrite

Making Money with AdBrite

AdBrite has been around for over 7 years which means it’s a much bigger network with a broad marketplace. Many webmasters will often display AdBrite since there are more ways to monetize rather than the common (CPM) and (CPC) programs like Google Adsense. AdBrite does not use contextual ads based on the content of the page however, it is based off the keywords and niches you select when creating a new ad zone.

AdBrite Features

There are many different types of “ad zones” that Adbrite offers that are easy to integrate and customize to help compliment the site’s appearance. I personally feel that I have more flexibility on how these ads display rather than Google Adsense. There are three main types of ad units and they are:

Banner and Text Ads
This is one of the most common ad units that webmasters display. You can choose from 5 standard sizes, font styles, borders and other form of design. Banner ads are similar to Google Adsense in how banners can be links or graphic banners however they are not “contextual” ads. The text link ad zone is a different “entity” of this ad type. Text ads provides the publisher with the most flexibility when displaying text link ads. You can alter the style of the links by using css (cascading style sheets) so it becomes well blended with the site. These ads also allow for advertisers to directly purchase ad space from your site where you can dictate what the fees are. This can be the quickest way to allow users to purchase links rather than programming or installing an affiliation / advertising management system.

Full Page Ads
Ever landed on a page where the site seems to have “redirected” but not really? These are the famous “Full Page Ads” and I believe it’s a better replacement to annoying pop-ups. This ad type can still be annoying but it does provide a big fat button where they can “Skip Advertisement” which makes it “less annoying”. This unit provides the publisher a better CPM (cost per impressions) and can also be used with Adsense without violating the Google TOS.

Inline Ads
Sometimes annoying but very effective, these inline ads pop-up a little block element that has more information about the “linked text” that is automatically determined by AdBrite. These little “tool tip” style pop-ups only appear when the user hovers over these links.

My Conclusion

I recommend using AdBrite’s publisher or advertising network. Browse the AdBrite market place and find many high ranked websites and actually purchase links and ad space directly from AdBrite. Internet marketing professionals all know that in order to successfully market a product on the world wide web, you need to seek out all the available opportunities in order to succeed. Using AdBrite with Adsense does not violate the Google TOS so I strongly recommend using both services. Why monetize one way when you can monetize many other ways?

MySpace Networking and Friend Adding Websites

In today’s society we are bombarded by media, fame, celebrities, and entertainment manipulating the American way of life. Many individuals and music bands seek fast solutions for reaching new audiences and potential fans. There are over hundreds of MySpace friend adding sites on the net however, some represent false and very inaccurate descriptions of their service. Trust me, I’ve been in this business for a long time and have created one of the very first friend adding programs on the net.’s History

I believe my website was either 2nd or the 3rd friend adding website online to ever exist on the world wide web. I started this website in late 2005 by programming it in the lower versions of PHP4. I hosted my website on Dot5Hosting due to the unlimited bandwidth, and disc space which sounded like an amazing deal, later to find out this hosting company provided nothing but disappointing performance and customer service. They had tacked on a very low value on the mysql max join size. I was unable to make database queries since they would fail every time due to this annoying limit. With frustration, I had decided to work around this limit in order to keep my program active online so I had decided to use a very massive “over-loading” query which invokes large amounts of queries within a loop in order to work around this limit. This became a very slow process, making the user have to wait forever in order to load and fetch the users they haven’t already added. It would query each individual user and query again to see if they have been added or not.

In mid 2008 I had migrated my website to my supervisor’s hosting which is hosted on Parallels dedicated servers. Forgetting to re-code my query from the previous migration, my supervisor informed me that this query was using 90% of the server resources. I had to change my query and go back to the join style query. The performance has exceeded my expectations! With over 350,000 members and almost a half a million adds served since the migration (would be over millions if I hadn’t dropped my old database tables), I was very surprised to see my queries run 25X faster on the “original friend adder” and the “AJAX friend adder”. I also had recently implemented a flash actionscript base friend adder that uses remote scripting to communicate with my web server. This application runs faster due to not having to load any HTML and less use of server bandwidth. I can sincerely say that is by far the fastest MySpace friend adding website on the net. If you don’t believe me, you can test it out yourself. While other imitation sites take forever to load users to add, exceeds the performance by 25-50%, reducing the load time in half.

Beware of Imitations

As noted before, there are hundreds of MySpace friend adding sites like mine however, majority of these sites have absolutely no performance what so ever and at the same time they claim that they are the best program out and can get you millions of friend requests. First of all, majority of these “developers” have no clue that MySpace has a 500 friend request limit per day. Also, many of these sites use a “Turn Key” program that they had purchased or “stolen” copies for their own monetary benefit. These scripts that use to be worth $2,500 became a $25 dollar illegal investment. You’ve heard of grand larceny, well, I believe this practice is a violation of this tort. As a programmer, I object to this pirating and illegal reselling practice since programmers work very hard and seem to earn very little respect when it comes to certain untrustworthy customers and unethical individuals who claim they are “web developers” when in fact they have never written their own web program. For those of you that have purchased stolen copies, I hope MySpace changes their code again so it effects these stolen web script so then I can fix my own site and excel my venture that I’ve originally created and have worked very hard on.

My Conclusion

If your are interested in promoting yourself, a band, or business, I strongly recommend trying out, you won’t be disappointed. The flash friend adding application will blow you away with performance and technological innovation. For those who are seeking their own opportunity in this business, I can create custom solutions. Please request a free quote and I will reply within 48 hours.

Follow-up, What Happened to

I do not own the domain anymore therefore the website is not active.  I lost my domain due to failure of a previous hosting company called “Daily Razor” and their auto renew system.  I had contacted them about auto renewing years ago and for some reason they had removed the auto renew.  Now I have lost a annual income of 8 thousand dollars due to this company’s epic fail.  For all my dedicated visitors, I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.  Maybe sometime in the future I can recreate the application however it is not one of my priorities right now and especially since MySpace is not thriving as it use to…

Affiliate Marketing

The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Online

Affiliate marketing online is the concept and strategy on converting income or sales by the use of cost effective advertising. Every marketing 101 student knows that the “4 P’s of marketing” (Product, Place, Promotion, and Price) are the most important areas to cover. In order to convert well, you must have powerful advertising campaigns to help market and “brand” your website. In this article you will learn some of the most cost effective and efficient practices that are widely used by professionals all over the web.

Different Approaches to Advertising Online

There are many, techniques involved when advertising your website and business online. One of the many ways is to achieve high page rankings in the search engines by implementing the use of search engine optimization however I’m writing about affiliate marketing and advertising online so my main focus is to discuss this topic clearly. Please note that search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two totally different things however they both share similar characteristics.

Advertising with Leads
Another effective approach is to use the concept known as “LEADS”. A lead is when a publisher advertises your website and they get a percentage or a fixed rate commission whenever they refer someone that helps to generate a sale. This strategy can save a company a lot of money than using high valued CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions). There are over thousands of active bloggers currently online that are willing to advertise your product on his or her blog. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity since many professional bloggers that make their living from blogging will write a nice descriptive article about your site or the product you are selling so they can generate the traffic in order to monetize from your ads. Simply, the webmaster will write a descriptive article about your product and place an advertisement banner near the end of the content (Ad Blending), you can monetize from their search engine traffic at the same time increase your “PR / Page Rank”. This is a win-win situation and you must read more on the publisher’s perspective in order to fully understand the true concept behind lead advertising.

CPM Advertising
CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions) advertising is when you display ads across many different advertising networks like Google Adwords in order to “just get it out there”. This practice is one of the fastest ways to market online however you must get your advertisement units displayed on websites that are in the same niche. Simply, this method of advertising is based on the amount of “ad views”. In order for this strategy to perform well, you need to keep track on your visitor statistics which many of these big advertising companies will have an application that will show the impressions, click ratio, referral tracking, and more.

PPC Advertising
PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is when you set a bid or a budget on how much money you want to spend on a single click or “page landing”. This form of advertising is argued by many webmasters since “fraudulent clicks” a.k.a. “click fraud” is a highly used method by many unethical publishers on the net. Not to mention, a visitor could land on your website and “accidentally” click on one of your ads. PPC advertising can also include “Sponsored Links” or “Sponsored Results” that many search engines like Google and Yahoo will display. Usually these advertisements or PPC units are displayed at the top of the search results or to the right column. These advertisements will display based on the context of your website and the search term. The problem with these ads being displayed at the top of the search results increase the likeliness of visitors that have no intention on making a purchase. Instead, the intentions were to learn more about the “searched term”. This is where lead advertising can excel in targeting the right visitors to your site.

Full Page Advertising
FPA (Full-Page-Advertising) is a concept that was fully introduced by Adbrite. Simply, this system redirects to display a full page website after a certain time has elapsed when browsing a website. I believe this strategy was introduced to help replace the older traditional “Pop-Up” advertising which annoys many website visitors.

Pop-Up Advertising
Simple… Don’t use this method! It’s a waste of space on the internet. Sorry if you think differ! I’ve just had the worse experience with this method. Think about it, people recognize these annoying things so they close the window as fast as they can. How can anyone possibly convert?

Social Networks and Bookmarks
There are hundreds of popular social networks and bookmarking communities online such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Furl, Spurl, Reddit etc. It is important to try and market your business on these websites. You’re probably wondering, “These sites charge an arm and a leg for advertising!”. This is not the case if you look at it in a different approach. Most social networks will have a section for classifieds, groups, forums, and much more however you need to follow the Terms of Service / Terms of Use to prevent getting banned. Another approach is to place a “Digg Counter” or a 3rd party bookmarking widget such as “” and “”. Both of these popular bookmarking widgets offer a free service in allowing people to bookmark your website that will be displayed publicly on their website. These sites also have a free statistics back-end panel so you can view who, where, what, and when someone had bookmarked your website. I will write another article to discuss this concept more clearly.

Advertising on your own Website

This marketing approach can help decide whether or not your business makes or breaks a sale. Displaying regular ad banners of your own product or service within your own website can guide the visitor to more information they would like to see before they make that final decision in whipping out the plastic. Many potential customers can end up leaving your site due to not having enough information about your product or service. Also, it is proven that more graphics, displays, and descriptions will actually lure more customers rather than a simple ugly web page that often tend to scare people away.

Start Blogging!
Want to be in on a little secret :) … Blogging and writing newly fresh content on your website can help increase your traffic! Writing unique and descriptive content can help increase your search engine traffic. I have created a new category on “Blogging for Income” and will be writing more articles on this topic.

POP Advertising
POP (Point-of-Purchase) advertising and YES, it does exist online! Have you ever been on a website where after a few seconds you have landed, a square advertisement unit will start sliding from the side to the middle of the web page? This is known as a “Fly-In” banner. This form of advertising can be unobtrusive if used properly. Instead of having an advertisement display “$9.99, BUY IT NOW! :D ” you may want to do something else that will help the visitor rather than annoy the user. An example would be to use something that would link to “More Information” or “Frequently Answered Questions”. For even a stronger approach you could display promotions and coupons!

Getting Dynamic
So, you really want to impress the visitor eh? Displaying more dynamic content such as Flash applications can actually describe more than words. You’ve heard the phrase “A picture can say a thousand words.”, well, a rotating picture can say a million! And yes it is very true when it comes to marketing. I’m one of those types of customers that have to go and physically demo the product myself before I decide to purchase. Guess what, I’m not alone. That is why many websites like Verizon will have a Flash application that demonstrates the functionality of a product based on the user’s input. The greater the dynamics, the more intrigued you will make the potential customer. The more intrigued they are in your product or service, the more likely they will make a purchase.

My Conclusion

Marketing online can be one of the many frustrating challenges when it comes to increasing business revenue. There are many options to choose from and I recommend trying to use all of the strategies I have outlined. The most important concept in successful campaigning is to study your website statistics constantly so checking these stats will be the most useful tool in your marketing project. Trends and a little bit of history can help you to figure out which marketing approach is performing better than others. There’s a lot more information that I could go into detail on the search engine marketing topic. I will be posting more articles that covers each topic in depth.