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jQuery Slide to Plugin

jQuery Slide To Plugin

The slide to jQuery plugin makes it so your web pages slide to the anchor rather than the traditional “page jump” to a specific anchor.  I wrote a very light weight plugin which is very easy to install and configure.

*Disclaimer, this plugin has been designed for HTML5 doctypes. I don’t want an earful from you saying how you got yelled at by the w3c validator!

The Plugin

Slide to Example 1!

This example will make all anchor links that contain the leading #hash style linking.  Normally, the links would jump to another anchor pairing the #name to name attribute of the target anchor.  My script takes this single page linking and adds a very neat web 2.0 style sliding scroll effect.

Slide to Example 2!

This example demonstrates how you can use jQuery selectors and simply add a target to the selected elements by the target option.

The target option changes how fast the page slides. You can user ‘fast’, ‘slow’, ‘medium’, or microseconds.

Slide Back to Top

I added a target element to the top of the document.

It’s very easy to invoke.  Feel free to leave feedback.

Download “jQuery Slide To” Plugin

Download jquery.slideto.js Version: 1.1 Size: (1.4 kB)