MySpace Networking and Friend Adding Websites

In today’s society we are bombarded by media, fame, celebrities, and entertainment manipulating the American way of life. Many individuals and music bands seek fast solutions for reaching new audiences and potential fans. There are over hundreds of MySpace friend adding sites on the net however, some represent false and very inaccurate descriptions of their service. Trust me, I’ve been in this business for a long time and have created one of the very first friend adding programs on the net.’s History

I believe my website was either 2nd or the 3rd friend adding website online to ever exist on the world wide web. I started this website in late 2005 by programming it in the lower versions of PHP4. I hosted my website on Dot5Hosting due to the unlimited bandwidth, and disc space which sounded like an amazing deal, later to find out this hosting company provided nothing but disappointing performance and customer service. They had tacked on a very low value on the mysql max join size. I was unable to make database queries since they would fail every time due to this annoying limit. With frustration, I had decided to work around this limit in order to keep my program active online so I had decided to use a very massive “over-loading” query which invokes large amounts of queries within a loop in order to work around this limit. This became a very slow process, making the user have to wait forever in order to load and fetch the users they haven’t already added. It would query each individual user and query again to see if they have been added or not.

In mid 2008 I had migrated my website to my supervisor’s hosting which is hosted on Parallels dedicated servers. Forgetting to re-code my query from the previous migration, my supervisor informed me that this query was using 90% of the server resources. I had to change my query and go back to the join style query. The performance has exceeded my expectations! With over 350,000 members and almost a half a million adds served since the migration (would be over millions if I hadn’t dropped my old database tables), I was very surprised to see my queries run 25X faster on the “original friend adder” and the “AJAX friend adder”. I also had recently implemented a flash actionscript base friend adder that uses remote scripting to communicate with my web server. This application runs faster due to not having to load any HTML and less use of server bandwidth. I can sincerely say that is by far the fastest MySpace friend adding website on the net. If you don’t believe me, you can test it out yourself. While other imitation sites take forever to load users to add, exceeds the performance by 25-50%, reducing the load time in half.

Beware of Imitations

As noted before, there are hundreds of MySpace friend adding sites like mine however, majority of these sites have absolutely no performance what so ever and at the same time they claim that they are the best program out and can get you millions of friend requests. First of all, majority of these “developers” have no clue that MySpace has a 500 friend request limit per day. Also, many of these sites use a “Turn Key” program that they had purchased or “stolen” copies for their own monetary benefit. These scripts that use to be worth $2,500 became a $25 dollar illegal investment. You’ve heard of grand larceny, well, I believe this practice is a violation of this tort. As a programmer, I object to this pirating and illegal reselling practice since programmers work very hard and seem to earn very little respect when it comes to certain untrustworthy customers and unethical individuals who claim they are “web developers” when in fact they have never written their own web program. For those of you that have purchased stolen copies, I hope MySpace changes their code again so it effects these stolen web script so then I can fix my own site and excel my venture that I’ve originally created and have worked very hard on.

My Conclusion

If your are interested in promoting yourself, a band, or business, I strongly recommend trying out, you won’t be disappointed. The flash friend adding application will blow you away with performance and technological innovation. For those who are seeking their own opportunity in this business, I can create custom solutions. Please request a free quote and I will reply within 48 hours.

Follow-up, What Happened to

I do not own the domain anymore therefore the website is not active.  I lost my domain due to failure of a previous hosting company called “Daily Razor” and their auto renew system.  I had contacted them about auto renewing years ago and for some reason they had removed the auto renew.  Now I have lost a annual income of 8 thousand dollars due to this company’s epic fail.  For all my dedicated visitors, I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.  Maybe sometime in the future I can recreate the application however it is not one of my priorities right now and especially since MySpace is not thriving as it use to…