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I've finally made the move to get rid of Wordpress and instead I'm using my own CMS system that I've written ground up... using some frameworks of course. You're probably wondering, why? Why I got rid of wordpress for my personal website.

HDD vs SSD MySql Comparison Test

Updated 4 years ago.

So I decided to upgrade some of my database data onto SSD from the typical HDD setup.

Log Parsing by Technology

Updated 4 years ago.

I'm always curious as to which technologies could do the job better. I've read that the V8 javascript engine performs the best in regular expressions...

Javascript parseInt is Slower...

Updated 7 years ago.

There are faster ways to convert a string to an integer in javascript and parseInt is not one of them. There are 2 other ways that perform much faster!

Node JS Cluster with Express and Twig Template Engine

Updated 8 years ago.

Been getting into Node JS and making a decision on which web framework I would like to go with so I'm trying out Express JS. See why I use twig.

Why I Got Rid of WordPress

Updated 8 years ago.

WordPress is the most popular blogging software. You can install it on almost every shared web hosting provider. How easy is it to hack?

Syntax Highlighter & Bootstrap FireFox v30.0 Bug Fix

Updated 8 years ago.

Found a minor rendering bug in FireFox v30.0 with Bootstrap + Syntax Highlighter v3. Here is the few lines of css to correct this problem.

DIY Portable Solar Power Pack for Cheap

Updated 8 years ago.

Build your very own portable power packs that recharge from the sun. $150 - $250 DIY project.

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