Here are some of my latest development projects, past and present jobs. Some projects are completely finished and some are still under construction.

Updated 5 years ago.

Near real-time reporting on ammunition availability. Find "good deals" on ammunition right online with audible alerts.

Updated 7 years ago.

Create your very own memes... Animated GIF Memes that is! This is one of my latest projects to go live. I'm already working on enhancements and new features.

Updated 6 years ago.

Put yourself on a magazine cover! I enjoy photo manipulation and scripting code that takes user inputs to create something awesome. I still have to create and upload some more covers to choose from since the selection is a bit lacking.

Updated 8 years ago.

Mo·ti·Pic noun \mō-tə-pic\
1. A motivational or demotivational poster, picture, image, and photograph.
2. An image with a headline and description used to convey motivation or demotivation.

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